How to: ICS

Devotees often ask me how they can use the .ics (ical) files in either their Google Calendar, smartphone or Outlook application.
Here are some tips on how to import or add the Vaisnava calendar data using the .ics files that are available here

Please note!! We can not offer technical support questions about importing or adding .ics files!!

Note!! These are not my videos.
They are just random people from YouTube.
They simply indicate how to go about getting the job done!

You will need a Google account to do most of the following – if you dont have a Google account click here

ICS to Google Calendar

You will need a Google account

You can either import the ics file once you have already downloaded it from this site to your local machine
you can add the ics file url
either way the .ics files are available here

Here are two videos showing you both methods:

Import the ics file

Add the ics file url

ICS to Outlook

Google Calendar to Android

You will need a Google account

Google Calendar to Iphone

You will need a Google account