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Vaisnava Calendar Reminders – Freeware Desktop Program

By using a desktop reminder program you can be reminded of, and overview Vaisnava calendar events as soon as you turn on your computer.

The following two desktop reminder programs are completely free to download and use – there is no need to register them.
They are completely free from spyware, adware, malware, viruses, worms etc…

They both run on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and are completely customisable – you can also add your own single and re-occurring events.

Where are the location files with the calendar data in?
Click here for the vaisnava calendar location sensitive CSV files to use with this freeware program


Kabe Desktop Calendar – screenshot

Click here to read more about the KABE Desktop Calendar Program
Click here to Download the KABE Desktop Calendar Program ( 310 kb )
Click here to Download your Location Sensitive CSV Calendar Files for the program ( approx. 12 kb per location)

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KABE Desktop Calendar – Read Me

Brief about the KABE Program and the Vaisnava Calendar Database

The KABE Program is FREEWARE – there are no fees, no ads, no spyware or any need to register the program.
The Program does not use the Windows Registry.
It was written by Hirauchi Kenichi from Japan – and is available in English, and Japanese.
(Hirauchi is not affiliated with the Devotees or myself – I just chose his program out of scores to fulfill this need – any questions in regard implementing the Viasnava Calendar with the program please refer to me:
Hirauchi doesn’t speak any English and so some of the programs menu items are not so good – I am working with him to update the program.
Runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
You can add your own calendar events and re-occurring appointments and notes.
Fully Customizable window format, colors and fonts.
By hovering your mouse over the marked calendar day you will see the calendar event.

Our Vaisnava Calendar’s year begins at Gaura Purnima. When you download the calendar database files, for example means it contains the calendar data from Gaura Purnima 2005 to Gaura Purnima 2006.
The next years Calendar will be available online before the first week of January every year at this address: “”

Installation Instructions

* Make a new directory called “kabe” in the Program files Directory… i.e. c:\Program Files\kabe
* Extract the Kabe program in that new directory.
* In that directory double click the “kabe3e.exe” file to Install the program – you will see that in the directory two .ini files are created, and on the desktop the calendar default window opens and an event table. You can close the File manager but leave the Desktop Calendar open… the event table will automatically close after 10 seconds or so.
* Download the database files from “” – click on your location… save to your Windows Desktop.
* Unzip the File you just downloaded to the desktop.
* Right-click on the desktop calendar and go: Load Data > check the radio button labeled “Data that was divide with the comma, CSV” > Reference > select the file named “YOUR_LOCATION-YEAR-kabe.txt” > check the box “The Data is Merged” > OK
* Customize the appearance of the calendar by right-click on the calendar and choosing “Settings” – here you will find lots of settings to adjust the look and feel – how many months in view, font size of calendar and popup events, background color, you can also make the background transparent – if the weeks should start with a Sunday or Monday… ect..

Questions & Answers

Q) How Can I move and resize the Calendar?
You can move the calendar anywhere on the screen by clicking on it and holding down while you move the mouse. You can specify how many months to show, vertical or horizontal orientation and font sizes from the program settings: right-click on the calendar and choose “Settings”

Q) Can I add my own Calendar events and re-occurring appointments?
YES! You can add single events and re-occurring events for bills and birthdays etc… To add a single event right-click the calendar and select “Events”. To add a re-occurring event right-click the calendar and select “Regular Event”. You will also see “Memo”, “Task” and Memorial Event” options where you can input other data if required.

Q) Can I delete the older events from the file?
NO NEED TO! Unless the event is re-occurring the calendar automatically can be setup to delete old events a specific number of days after the event has passed. To set this up go: right-click on the calendar and choosing “Settings” > click the “Automatic Deletion” tab, check the box and specify the number of days > OK.

Q) Are the programs colors and fonts customizable?
YES! You can adjust the window background color, font color and size for past present and future events. From the menu toolbar go Events>Preferences. You can also adjust the shape, size and color of the event markers on the calendar.

Q) My MiniReminder program doesn’t start up when my computer starts! Help!
Normally when the program installs it adds iteself to the StartUp menu. If somehow for some strange reason it doesn’t then please follow the procedure below:
START > All Programs > Double click “StartUp” > File > New > Shortcut > Browse, find and select “minireminder.exe” (default location is “c:\Program Files\MiniReminder\minireminder.exe”) > OK > Next > Finish > close the StartUp shortcut window.

Q) Where and when can i get the next years calendar?
The next years Calendar will be available online before the first week of January every year at this address: “http://www.vaisnavacalendar/csvfiles”.

Q) My Location isn’t in the list – How can I get it added?
Email me with the longitude and latitude of your Location, including the correct spelling of the place, state and Country – and I will add its asap. Email:

Having Problems or would like to ask a question?

Email me – Caitanya Candra das –

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Click here to Download the KABE Desktop Calendar Program ( 310 kb )
Click here to Download your Location Sensitive CSV Calendar Files for the program ( approx. 12 kb )