Sri Kasisvara Pandita

Sri Kasisvara Pandita Gosvami had a temple near Sri Rampura at Catara. Mahaprabhu sent him to Vrindavana later on in his life. His disciple was Sri Govinda Gosai, the pujari of Sri Govinda Deva.

When Srila Rupa Gosvami discovered Sri Govinda Deva’s Sri Vigraha at Gomati tila, he immediately sent word to Mahaprabhu at Puri. Mahaprabhu in turn requested Sri Kasisvara Pandita to go to Vrindavana. Kasisvara however expressed that “to have to give up your association will cause my heart to be split in two. Therefore please consider how I can honor your request without giving up my life.”

Mahaprabhu could understand the heart of Kasisvara and therefore he gave him a self manifested Deity of Himself. Mahaprabhu sat down along with this Vigraha and accepted prasad at which Kasisvara’s faith was kindled. Mahaprabhu intimated to him with this Deity and established him on the right side of Sri Govinda Deva. Then he began to serve Them with great love.


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