Sri Bhugarbha Gosvami

As there is not much mention of Sri Lokanatha Goswami in Vaishnava literatures, similarly there is not much mention either of Sri Bhugarbha Goswami, who was his very close friend. Following Mahaprabhu’s order, they both came to live at Vraja dham. Their hearts were inseparable.

Sri Bhugarbha Goswami was the disciple of Sri Gadadhar Pandit. He in turn had a number of disciples, namely: Sri Caitanya Das (the pujari of Sri Govinda deva), Sri Mukundananda Cakravarti, Premi Krsna das, etc.

In the Sr Caitanya caritamrta, it is mentioned that Sri Bhugarbha das and Sri Bhagavat das came to Brndavan and took up residence there. [C. C. Adi 12.81]

In the Gaura ganoddesa dipika, Sri Bhugarbha Gosvami’s identity as Premamanjari in Krsna lila, has been given.

His disappearance is on the 14th day of the bright fortnight in the month of Kartik. His samadhi is near the samadhi of Sri Rupa Gosvami, within the courtyard of Sri Radha-Damodar temple.

Srila Bhugarbha Gosvami and Srila Lokanath Goswami were one, only their bodies were different. [Bhakti Ratnakara]


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