2020, GBC changes, updates

Hare Krishna

A few things have happened over the last 4 months to report.

  1. The GBC Vaisnava Calendar Committee made 3 changes to the calendar:
  • That the observance of “Lalita Sasti” be removed from the calendar.
  • That the observance of the “Appearance of Radhakund” be shifted to Caitra Purnima.
  • That the observance of Bhadra Purnima be added to the calendar.
  • Details here

Those changes are fully reflected in the our email reminders and downloadable files on this website.
(you will have to link to (or download again) the ical (ics) file again to see those changes in your calendar)

2. To clear up confusion and doubt breakfast times are more clear marked in reminders, pl.
Break fast 05:56 (sunrise) – 10:13 (1/3 of daylight) LT

3) To keep up with technology we upgraded servers again at the end of December 2019.

4) We have been having some problem with devotees not receiving reminders to Yahoo email addresses. After much research and adjustments, the situation is better, but not 100% reliable. We suggest, if you are a Yahoo user to please check your SPAM folder, and if the reminders are there please “mark” it as “not spam”.
If you are receiving the reminders late, then please complain to Yahoo that “legitimate opt-in mail is being delayed”.

5) With the recent server upgrade and effort to develop our mailing system, we are looking for devotees to sponsor e-mail reminders by donating monthly on Patreon – or pledge a single donation here.

6) We finally got round to updating the website!
Please take a look and let me know what you think using the poll on the right sidebar on the website.